The remaining stock of products, supplies, tools, displays, lighting, marketing materials, etc., INCLUDING THIS WEBSITE – are all included in the package. I am looking for the right person who can take it to new heights.
Below, you’ll find the list of what’s included and more details.
I can help to get the production going at a new location, provide business contacts and expertise about the industry, train you in sales, and can adapt the website to a new business model, if needed.

Contact Zoran at: 778. 601-7089

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  • Business Opportunity

    With a small investment, you could enter the up-scale Designer Gifts industry.

    I am looking either for a suitable partner to restructure and re-launch ‘ClunQ Factory’, or for a buyer who would completely take it over. The amount of your investment would depend on the type of arrangement we come up with.

    See info about the products and the business’s history HERE
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  • Customized E-Commerce Website

    The E-commerce website you’re currently visiting is included in the Business Opportunity Package. It can also be adapted to your use, visual preferences and business model. The website was built by BrandNuvo team, and its original purpose was to promote the Studio Sale, which is now completed. Many advanced custom features are included, found only in advanced e-commerce websites. It can handle retail and wholesale orders, local pickup, automatic shipping calculations, many payment methods, Analytics, FaceBook pixel, SEO, etc etc.

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  • Booth Lighting & Coroplast Display

    This booth setup was designed for standard 8-foot long tables, commonly used at Art/Craft Shows and markets (such as Granville Island Public Market). The track light system uses aluminum tubing and is very easy to put together. The display boxes are made of Corroplast (corrugated plastic) and are made to fit into each other, for easy transport.

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  • Magnetic Card Holders / Packaging

    The 2 bestseller products: Magic Balls and Magnetic 3 (M3) have been the backbone of the business for many years. The custom designed, translucent vellum packaging is what kept them fresh and modern and attracted customers at shows and markets.
    Many companies also ordered them with the logo printed on the ball and with custom graphics on the packaging.

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  • Powder Coated – Finished Products & Parts

    The remaining stock of some of the most popular products. Made of mild (magnetic) steel, formed, welded and powder-coated. Each product comes with graphic files for printed instructions, cardboard packaging and some have custom-made die-cut packaging.

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  • Photos + Graphics + Instructional material

    A lot of high quality photos, used for promotional materials, vector graphics with instructions, signs, forms, etc.

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  • Frosty Bouncy Balls

    About 20 thousand frosty/translucent bouncy balls, sizes from 18mm to 60mm. Used as parts of various products. Some come with magnets already embedded, ready to use. You will also receive the tooling and the instructions on how to drill them and insert the rare-earth magnets.

    AVAILABLE QUANTITY: ~20,000 pcs.
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  • Neodymium (Rare Earth) Magnets

    Triple coated, top grade Rare-earth magnets, used in various designs, of different shapes and sizes.

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  • Packaging

    Corrugated and chipboard cardboard boxes, white and craft color – for various products. Can be used as stand-alone mailers or within larger shipping boxes. Some custom-made packaging come with the steel rule die, to use for production with local paper converter print/press companies.

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  • Steel Rule Dies (for packaging)

    Custom-made steel rule dies, used for different packaging and promotional materials.

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  • Plastic Drawers / Containers

    Used for storage and for organizing the products at shows and markets. Selected to fit perfectly under the 8ft x 3ft table at Granville Island Public Market, and to keep a compact mobile office tidy.

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  • Parts – Supplies – Tooling

    Various unfinished parts and semi-products used in production. More are included in the package, not pictured.

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