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With a small investment, you could enter the up-scale Designer Gifts industry.

I am looking either for a suitable partner to restructure and re-launch ‘ClunQ Factory’, or for a buyer who would completely take it over. The amount of your investment would depend on the type of arrangement we come up with.

See info about the products and the business’s history HERE
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A bit of History :

I had a lot of fun designing, making and selling these products before my interests took me in a very different direction.
After I started a Web development agency in 2018, it ended up completely taking over my life. At some point, I figured that my original plan to eventually switch the production of the Clunc Factory products back on, wasn’t going to happen any time soon, so I’ve finally decided to look for someone who would be a good fit.

You may have an existing line of products that you sell online or at various shows and these products may be an interesting addition. Or you may want to get into this industry and work together on selling the existing products and developing new ones.

One way or another, I would personally like to see that the ‘little critters’ I created continue to bounce about. 🙂

I used to sell these products at shows such as ‘One of a Kind’ in Toronto, ‘Signatures’, Montreal’s Salon, Circle Craft, and at the Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver, which is also my base city. I also picked up quite a few wholesale accounts by attending these retail venues, so I didn’t even need to do any trade shows.

I guess because the products were so ‘weird’ and off-the-wall, were priced well and because I developed an entertaining method of presentation (which I was also able to train my salespeople), I sold A LOOOOT of them over the years. 🙂
I was making very healthy 6-figures in annual sales.

Please note that all the remaining products are sold as PARTS, and that they will need to be assembled in order to be complete. Of course, I will provide the know-how and the tools needed to do the work.

If you’re interested, I will pass my knowledge of the industry to you, including the ‘little tricks’ to get accepted into the high-end shows and markets, the trade contacts and suppliers, etc.

If we partner up, you would be in charge of the storage, fabrication and production. I would be managing creative product development, working with distributors and online sales and promotions.

As a partner, you would buy into the business by investing an amount we agree upon, and by taking possession of the remaining stock and supplies, including the E-commerce Website ‘CLUNQ.NET’.

(Replacement cost of all the materials is about $30,000 PLUS the Retail potential of the remaining stock: $34,000 !!! )

If this sounds interesting, get in touch with Zoran, at: (778) 601-7089

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